Topic – Life after COVID 19

Topic – Life after COVID 19

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. This pandemic has placed the whole world at a standstill with nations going into lockdown to stall the virus’s may. Still, there is no specific data on when situations will stabilize. What is certain is that people are learning valuable lessons through this global pandemic, and life after COVID is sure to change for the better.

  • People learned to live with the bare essentials during the lockdown.
  • Healthy home cooked meals replaced junk foods
  • Pollution levels went down.
  • Family-oriented society.
  • Upgraded Healthcare system in the country.
  • Digitalized Education system helps maximum of the needy ones to educate themselves digitally.
  • Virtual classrooms might take over the traditional teaching methods.
  • People will spend more time with their family when they seek breaks from work pressure, nurturing closer family-ties.
  • Nature is also nurturing itself through some of the cyclones, tsunamis, volcano eruptions etc. we humans have faced in this pandemic by nature was just to heal itself and to show humans that “Nature can be Creator as well as the Destroyer”.
  • Demand for the life protection will inevitably increase after the pandemic.

As people work together in breaking the chain of Coronavirus infection, a better world is emerging. The tough times are sure to pass, leaving behind the wisdom of practicing compassion and caring for what genuinely matters in life, like the welfare of family members. People have realized the need for precautions and are taking the steps against future contingencies, to keep the coming generations safe.

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